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Nunu was launched into the Nigerian market in 2005 in both powder and evaporated milk format.  Nunu is a quality product specifically formulated for the nutritional wellbeing of children. Nunu is formulated with key vitamins and minerals which support brain and body development in kids and over the years has come to establish considerable equity in the market place.

Nunu milk has a very strong online presence where we interact with mums. A lot of young mums live active and busy lives; joggling between being a mum and their career is becoming such a daunting task in this very competitive society of ours and they strive to create a balance where they can take very good care of their kids and still excel in their careers.

Nunu aims to be a support system for mums by providing hands on resources to help mums support their kids. It’s the number one Kids online nutrition and education resource for Mums.

Product Information

Nunu, with 9 active ingredients to make kids ‘Strong and Sharp’, serves as the kids nutritional specialist brand providing top quality nutrition and a reliable partner for Mum’s to trust and rely on. 

The Nunu range of products provide growing school children with all the nutrition they require through providing the right mix of vitamins and minerals to make them ‘Strong and Sharp’.

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