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Our work locations

From Manchester to Ilupeju (Lagos), our work locations offer a world of exploration and opportunity. Our world is made up of a diverse range of work locations and cultures. Whether you work in an office space, a production environment, a lab or an innovation centre, you'll be part of an ecosystem where every element plays a distinct and vital part. Discover some of our main work locations.


The corporate headquarters for Nigeria is in Ilupeju, with PZ Family Care, PZ Wilmar, Nutricima, Coolworld and HPZ all having offices in the Ilupeju compund. The HPZ assembly plant factory is also situated within the Ilupeju premises.

Our Research and Development department, which champions most of the ground breaking innovations which we build into great brands is also located here.


The production lines for some of our personal care brands, home care, the food and nutrition brands (PZ Wilmar and Nutricima) as well as our largest distribution centre are located in the PZ Ikorodu Factory.


In Aba we have our soap manufacturing factory, where we manufacture some of the most popular soap brands in the country.