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PHILIP MBANEFO - Head Inbound and Export Logistics / TEC Appliance Supply Chain

  • I am currently the Head Inbound and Export Logistics / TEC Appliance Supply Chain (including PZ Ghana Electricals), a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Enugu State of Science and Technology, Enugu State, Nigeria. I also hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Process Business Management from Warwick University, U.K.

In the Factory, Phillip held the following roles - Soaps mass drying plant manager, Glycerine Extraction plant manager,Oil / Fats bleaching plant manager / Production Control Manager. The roles also include Pan room manager, and Production planning and inventory control manager.


He then moved to Demand & Supply Planning, where he held roles such as Country supply manager – Nigeria at PZ Cussons International Ltd., Stockport, Manchester, Head of Planning department, Supply Chain Services, PZCN, Head of Demand Fulfilment, Supply Chain Services.


He  was then promoted to General Manager - Demand Fulfilment / Inbound and Export Logistics, SCS. As General Manager, he have also held the following roles General Manager – Materials Management, SCS, Head TEC Appliance Supply Chain – June 2013 to May, 2014


Some of his key successes include:


Reduced average lead-time for imported materials from average of 156 days to 103 days using time based strategy during my 6 months secondment to PZCIL in Stock port in Manchester in 2005


Implementation of supplier schedules with seven scents, top ten  local suppliers to improve visibility, availability  and DOTIF to 90% minimum. Purchase lead-time reduced from average of 103 days for fragrances to 45 days and weekly shipments started by aligning usage frequency to shipment frequency to improve stock turns from 3 to 6.


Implemented Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) with Matrix Chemie, Leeds, U.K which led to reduction in  purchased lead-times for small valued items valued at $1.5Million pounds from 86 days to 45 days.


Received award from team Thermocool for ‘’highest cost saving initiative’’ FY 2013/14 – saved a total of N310M through reduction in container delivery days to average of 7 and the introduction of 45HC Containers first of its kind in Nigeria to improve containers volume utilisation by 13% and reduce freight cost by 5%.


Reduced NWC for Tec Appliance from 17.6% to 10.2% in 2013 / 14 FY through efficient inventory management and improvement in sales forecasting process with the introduction collaborative and statistical forecasting processes using SES: Simple Exponential Smoothing process to generate base data.