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Business Conduct and Ethics

We believe in doing business the right way, and we aim to demonstrate ethical behaviour in all our business activities, and in all our dealings with third parties.

We are open, honest and fair with our suppliers, customers, business partners, and regulatory authorities and we demonstrate respect and integrity in our dealings with each of them.

Communicating our ethical standards

We have continued to inform and educate our employees, suppliers and business partners around our ‘Doing Good Business’ CSR values, including the development of additional learning materials and policies, further embedding our values in workplace activities, and the introduction of stretching targets for the future.

Supplier selection

We expect our suppliers and contractors to demonstrate similar high ethical standards and we take due account of this when establishing or continuing business relationships. We scrutinise our suppliers and contractors to ensure that they are diligent, responsible, honest and fair and we choose to work with those who demonstrate the same commitment to ethical values and doing good business as we do. Additional procedures have been developed during the course of the year to further strengthen the controls we have over supplier selection, engagement, monitoring and auditing.


We believe that corruption is unacceptable, in all its forms. It is detrimental to society, to customers, and to our business, and is not tolerated at PZ Cussons. Along with our external legal advisors, we continue to monitor our compliance with the UK Bribery Act, amongst other legislation.

Speak up – global whistleblowing programme

Our employees are aware of the ethical standards that we expect of them, and are encouraged to ‘Speak Up’ via our Global Whistleblowing programme when they notice that management, colleagues or associated parties fall below these standards. The programme is recommunicated to our Global teams on a regular basis. All Speak Up calls are immediately followed up by Group Internal Audit.

Animal testing

We are against animal testing of any form in the development or marketing of cosmetic and household products. We do not test ingredients on animals, nor do we commission or request any of our suppliers or associates to test ingredients, or products, on animals.

We actively support the development of new and valid safety and toxicity methods which would remove the need for animal testing completely.

We fully support the stance taken by governing bodies, such as the European Union, which now prohibit animal testing of Cosmetics (and forthcoming of Household Products) and the moves being made in this direction by other regulatory environments. However, we do recognise that some regulatory authorities still demand testing on animals as part of the burden of proof for consumer safety in some product sectors. At present our operations in those countries are limited and to date we have not been required to test any products on animals. Where required by law, we aim to work with the authorities, through our Product Development and Regulatory Affairs teams, to avoid the need for testing.

We are a Global organisation with a Global Supply base. The position taken by some regulatory environments, and the need to reassure consumers on the safety of products, does mean that we cannot guarantee that some of our ingredients have not been tested on animals historically. We work with our suppliers to source ingredients which have not been tested on animals, although we cannot always guarantee that this is the case.

Within PZ Cussons Beauty division, The Sanctuary brand operates with an ingredient cut-off date of 1998 and does not use ingredients that have been tested on animals for cosmetic purposes after this date. We are aiming to achieve this standard across our portfolio and all new product developments for PZ Cussons Beauty are designed to meet this criteria.

Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to meeting the standards of good corporate governance as established by the Financial Reporting Council from time to time.  Click here to access PZ Cussons Report on Corporate Governance.