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At PZ Cussons we believe passionately in being Good4Business.

It is something we have been doing since the Company was founded and it is a key part of our culture and who we are. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and with care and we aim to make a positive impact on society through the products which we sell, through the way in which our products are designed, manufactured and packaged and through the contributions we make to the communities in which we operate.  Our Good4Business principles are integral to how we conduct our operations and key to the sustainable growth of the organisation.  We listen to and take account of the concerns of our stakeholders, employees, customers, consumers and suppliers in shaping our business strategies and practices.

Our Good4Business principles are based around four areas in which we believe our operations have the greatest potential to impact – either favourably or adversely – upon our stakeholders. They are:

Doing the right thing

Recognising that being Good4Business can sometimes seem to involve difficult decisions, we encourage and guide all levels within the business to conduct activities with integrity and in alignment with our CSR principles. We also aim to motivate and support all of our employees to identify, pursue and actively get involved with opportunities  to move us forward in our CSR agenda.

To find out more about our Good4Business approach, explore the site using the menu's.  You can also view our full Good4Business principles here.

PZ Cussons Good4Business Committee

The PZ Cussons Good4Business Committee was established to ensure that the principles of CSR remain at the core of our activities. They are a passionate team at the most senior level of our business.

The Good4Business Committee was established to ensure that the principles of CSR remain at the core of the Group’s business activities. The Chairman of the Good4Business Committee reports to the Board on the Committee’s proceedings after each meeting on all matters within the scope of its duties and responsibilities.

Members of the Good4Business Committee include the PLC Board including Executive, Non-Executive Directors and Chair, plus PZ Cussons Corporate Services Director.  Click here for full Terms of Reference.