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Health and Safety

PZ Cussons recognises that the success of our business is dependent upon the quality and wellbeing of our employees. We are committed to developing the highest standards of occupational health and safety and we seek to provide safe working environments for all our employees, contractors and visitors and to ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations at all our places of operation.

PZ Cussons regards health and safety as a fundamental business responsibility and reviews health and safety matters on a regular basis. Health and safety is reviewed regularly by the Group Risk Committee which ensures that any related risks are properly identified, assessed and prioritised and that appropriate action is taken to manage and mitigate those risks effectively.

We have comprehensive internal safety management procedures that include verification of regulatory compliance, risk assessment, training, individual site action plans, safety audits and provision of occupational health services.  All units participate in the PZ Cussons World Class Manufacturing programme delivering compliance checks and identifying improvement opportunities. We use regular internal and external audits to help drive continuous improvement.

Accredited Facilities

Two of our operating units, PZ Cussons UK and PZ Cussons Indonesia, are certified in internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001 and we have plans to roll this out across other operating units over the next 12 months. PZ Cussons Nigeria are progressing towards achieving this certification and the business is also implementing health and safety improvement plans which include near miss or hazard identification procedures (HAZOP & HAZID).

Empowering our people

We empower and encourage our employees to identify and report hazards or near misses and to personally conduct work place risk assessments as part of personal objectives. The Group employs health and safety specialists in all of our operating units and health and safety committees with cross functional and cross hierarchical representation exist at all sites.

Supporting better health

Where appropriate, PZ Cussons provides on-site medical facilities and health monitoring programmes for employees. We continue to build on our traditional programmes, which focus on workplace behaviours, coupled with helping employees understand any personal health risks.

Reporting performance in Health and Safety

The business tracks and reports two key health and safety performance indicators in all operating units:

Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) per 200,000 hours worked - includes all health and safety occurrences which result in 1 day or more absence from work (excluding the day of incident);

First Aid Cases (FAC) per 200,000 hours worked - FACs include all health and safety occurrences (including LTIs) which result in the employee being given first aid. FACs include cases where employees are treated for incidents which occur outside of the workplace, as any treatment given may enable us to reduce the number of employee days lost.

The FAC indicator was introduced to enable us to continue to improve our health and safety performance as we had successfully reduced LTIs in some operating units to an extremely low level (for example, one of our UK operations has now operated for nearly five years without an LTI incident).