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Our Employees

Our employees are essential to the success of our business and to achieving our business goals.

We value and celebrate the diversity of every member of our team. PZ Cussons is committed to a culture where all employees are treated with respect and have the right to expect that their dignity will be fully respected in the workplace. We are committed to creating an environment in which all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and where everyone has a voice regardless of role, seniority or geography.

Performance management

Managing performance at PZ Cussons is more than just a set of activities and forms. It is an everyday way of working to improve performance by taking action to coach and motivate our people. We measure performance based on business objectives aligned to team, function, operating unit and global business strategies in conjunction with behaviours assessed against key competencies. Together, these provide a rating which is linked to reward and to our global talent and succession planning activity. This enables us to develop and motivate high performing and high potential individuals providing them with challenging and exciting careers. Our performance development and review programmes have now been rolled out globally and have been in place for three years.

Developing PZ Cussons talent

We are committed to the training and development of our employees, delivering a wide and varied suite of training courses across the globe in our operating units. For example:

  • Our award winning Global Extraordinary Leadership programme (2011 Peer Awards in Excellence in Leading and Development)
  • Developing in house talent with several various student placement programmes and apprenticeships in each of our operating units.
  • Technical and management training to enhance our manufacturing teams skills.
  • Our Graduate Development Programme in Nigeria has been running in excess of ten years, directly recruiting circa 30 Nigerian graduates from across the country every year.
  • Skill development programmes including a Coach programme whereby over 512 employees have been trained on coaching skills to improve their team performance and over 150 managers participated in our Zodiak Business Finance and Strategy training programme, improving the business acumen of non-financial managers.

Diversity and inclusion

PZ Cussons is an extremely diverse organisation in terms of its ethnic and cultural make-up and this is something that we continue to promote. We employ many different nationalities including Indian, Chinese, Polish, Indonesian, Singaporean, Thai, Greek, Australian, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan and British. We also value diversity in respect of gender and age.  We do not employ any person below the local legal working age and we will not, in any circumstances, employ anyone below the age of 16.

Human rights

The Company takes every reasonable step to ensure that everyone’s rights are both respected and protected within the working environment and in outside situations linked to the working relationship. The Company will, as a minimum, comply with all employment related legislation.